Leather facts!

Leather facts!


Four Forms of Leather

Most types of leather can be broken down into one of the four following categories: full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, and split leather.

Of the four, top-grain and full-grainoffer the highest level of quality, making them the preferred choice for jackets, pants, and other leather accessories.


Leather Has Been Around for Centuries

Leather is one of the oldest—if not the oldest—fabric on the planet. Civilizations from across the globe and throughout time have used leather to produce clothing and other items. While construction techniques have changed over the years, the basic concept of leather remains the same.

The Average Person Wears Four Pieces of Leather. On an any given day, the average person wears roughly four pieces of leather on his or her body. This may include your shoes, belt, jacket, watch, hat, jewelry, and more. The next time you are getting ready for work in the morning, count how many pieces of leather you are wearing. The answer might just surprise you.


Leather is a Renewable Resource


Leather Changes Based on the Surrounding Environment

Because leather contains thousands upon thousands of holes (known as pores), itchanges in both feeling and appearance depending on the surrounding environment. When exposed to a humid environment, leather will be come soft and supple, as the moisture content settles into the pores. But when it is exposed to a dry environment, leather will feel tough and rugged. This is why it’s important to store your leather in a climate-controlled environment that’s not too humid but not too dry.

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